Maria Full of Grace

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I’ve been in a faceup quandary with Katie and Sidd. My skills as an artist just aren’t adequate to give the beautiful faceups that I want my girls to have, and yet I’ve been shown over and over again that I’m not going to get the faceups that I want from other artists. I just have to keep PRACTICING until I do it right. My only fear is that the nail polish remover that I use to take off the old cruddy faceups will damage the resin. Already my girls are looking pretty yellow, unless I’m just paranoid.

Am also having trouble taking the photographs that I want. I want to dress up Katie as the virgin Mary in this elaborate crown, dress, and veil, but they are just turning out to yellow.

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Marti Presents

I look at beautiful dolls like these ones from Marti Presents and my heart just stops beating for an instant.

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The Viking Princess

I’m making a new dress, and Katie got to try it out. The photos are really super yellow; annoying, but it looks kinda pretty against the gold background.

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I hate doing faceups

Why? Because of this monstrosity. I’m just so frustrated.

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Flower Child

Bark at the Moon

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Bark at the Moon

Bark at the Moon

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